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Lou Geense

World Partners Ambassador

Lou is an ambassador for World Partners serving the national church on the global stage.  For the past seven years, Lou has been
privileged to represent EMCC in compassionate responses to crises in our world and to come alongside of national Christian leaders to assist them as they serve on mission. Lou will return to pastoral ministry at Eastridge EMC in Stouffville, ON in September 2017. From August 1st to the time he retires from the EMCC national staff in September, Lou will serve alongside World Partners Interim Director, Joel Zantingh as an ambassador for World Partners.

Lou lives in Stouffville, ON with his wife Naomi where they care for a number of special needs children.  They also have five adult children.

Lou Geense
Tel: 519.894.9800 ext. 242
Toll Free: 877.375.7600 ext. 242
Fax: 519.894.0941

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