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David Benjamin

World Partners Church Facilitator

David was born in India. Before his birth, his parents made a vow to the Lord to dedicate him to the Lord’s service. Whatever he did, from a young age, serving the Lord was never far from his mind.

David works and collaborates with people of different cultures and beliefs and finds biblical principles and common ground that transcends culture. “It is important to see people beyond their labels. First, we must learn to listen to each other, to give people the opportunity to hear one another’s stories. Simultaneously we can begin to follow God’s story in the hearts of people and watch for God’s promptings in their life to hear His voice.” He helps people discover their gifting and passions and brings people together in an atmosphere of mutual learning and discipleship. 

David is passionate about serving the Lord and watching Him at work. “I have no greater joy than seeing people say ‘yes’ to Jesus and then following Him in baptism. And then to see their growth – watching people moving forward in their gifting. And to see people disciple others, who disciple others.”

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David Benjamin

Email:  dbenjamin@emcc.ca