Relief and Development Projects


Allahabad, India: Christian College of Nursing (R&D #143)
Providing tuition and accommodation for ten underprivileged students who have no other access to scholarships.

Target: $16,000/year for 3 years.
Canada: Refugee Fund
This fund will help those who are fleeing poverty, persecution or violence in their home country to begin a new life in Canada.

Target: $12,000
Ethiopia: Farming God's Way Training Resources (R&D #170)
Joining with SIM Canada, we will provide follow-up training in Farming God's Way for teachers of the Amharic Bible Schools in Ethiopia.

Target: $27,000 CAD (2017 - 2022)
Ethiopia:Food Aid: Kucha Region (R&D #182)
A food for work project for people suffering under the worst drought in 50 years.
Haiti / Cuba: Hurricane Matthew Response R&D #105
Providing Relief for those suffering the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti and Cuba.
Haiti: Clean Drinking Water - Haiti (R&D #112)
Communities in rural central and northeast Haiti have limited access to clean drinking water.
Haiti: Gens de Nantes Health Center (R&D #114)
EMCC R&D has committed to a three year project to provide funds and housing for recognized medical staff.

Target: $125,000
Haiti: Homes for Haiti (R&D #138)
Now in Phase 3, Homes for Haiti seeks to build as many homes as possible for for those who have been displaced by Hurricane Matthew and forced to live in extremely poor conditions.

Target: $40,000
Haiti: Lydian Centres (R&D #113)
Lydia Centres provide training for women of all ages in skills such as sewing, embroidery, cooking and preserving of foods, as well as, various other activities, and small loans for women & groups.

Target: $15,000
Haiti: Yvonne Martin Memorial Scholarship Fund (R&D #11005)
The objective of this project is to train and deploy qualified health care professionals who will provide excellent care in under served, rural areas of Haiti.