Thank you for supporting the mission entrusted to us.

Support Our National Team Services

Learn about the ministry of our National Team, supporting EMCC congregations and leaders across the nation of Canada to effectively follow Jesus on mission in their context.


Support Our World Partners Services

Donate directly to our Global Mission Services, or directly support Global Workers (Missionaries) or Global Partner Churches (through Projects)

Support a Global Worker

Donate directly to our Global Workers. We received donations for those Directly Supervised by World Partners.
All Global Workers with Other Agencies are receive their donations directly.

Support a Global Project

Contribute to a Development Initiative established to build capacity in our Global Partners as they live and proclaim the good news of Jesus, addressing essential issues to bless the people around them and see communities transformed by God's love.

Contribute to a Project that assists one of our World Partners Global Partner Churches and/or our Global Workers.

Contribute to Humanitarian Response efforts assisting people facing injustice, poverty, or disaster.

Refugee Assitance allows you to participate in the relational investment of sponsor churches working together to help displaced persons resettle into a local Canadian community.


The Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada carries the Canadian Council of Christian Charities Seal of Accountability. Our donors can give confidently, knowing that we adhere to high standards and operate with integrity.

  F  orm to authorize monthly donations to specific projects of people, drawn directly from your bank account. - See more at:

Note that EMCC has a Restricted Gift Policy

EMCC will only accept funds for programs or projects that are within the objects of the charity and that have been approved by the governing board. Each gift designated toward a board approved program or project will be used as designated. When any given need has been met, or where projects cannot be carried out for reasons beyond the ability of the governing board to control, the donor agrees that gifts designated for such purposes may be used by the charity in carrying out its other programs.