Create Change For Those Who Suffer

Sow Generously - Reap Generously

Our EMCC family is pleased to bring a measure of God's blessing to the disadvantaged and the poorest of the poor, and to be a hand up to our local partners in several countries.

'Sow Generously - Reap Generously' is the theme of our Relief & Development campaign that runs through the month of October. Featured projects during this campaign are listed below.  A complete list of all of our current projects is available here.

Thank you for your generous support. Your gifts are welcome any time of the year.  We have seen time and time again that when we invest wisely and generously, we reap a bountiful harvest for the beneficiaries and for the Gospel.

Featured Projects

Temporary Shelter
Homes for Haiti - Phase Three
Providing homes for people displaced by Hurricane Matthew
Man with Bag of Grain
Food Aid - Ethiopia
Providing food for farmers in the Kucha Region of Ehtiopia facing a severe food shortage  due to dry weather.
Student Nurse
Health Education - Allahabad, India
Providing tuition and accommodation for qualifying students from underprivileged background to attend Nurse's College
Lady by Toilet
Sanitation Project - Kolkata, India
Replacing field toilets with toilets that are more safe and sanitary
Mobile Training Unit
Agricultural Training - South Africa
Funding a mobile training unit to be used in conservation agriculture training.

Sow Generously 


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Room at the Table
Invite someone who as experienced hunger to be a guest at your mealtime

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