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Where is EMCC Headed?
Our Direction and Focus Is Clear
Because Jesus gives His followers direction for life, it is obvious to us that we exist to follow Jesus' direction. For EMCC, this singular focus is to "keep the main thing the main thing". We must be about fulfilling the commission Jesus gave us, or nothing at all.

 Some of our Latest Initiatives:

the Way of Jesus


A comprehensive training developed around our focus: Following Jesus
  • His Life
  • His Mission
  • His Character
  • His Love
  • His Teachings
  • His Disciplers
  • His Community

"Encouraging EMCC's emerging leaders to follow Jesus on mission in their context"

How will we see the shaping of a Great Commission Culture within EMCC?                 

1. By telling the right stories
We will compelling relay the stories of where God is at work leading His people on mission

2. By asking the right questions
We will continue to take a "coaching approach" to everything we do

3. By networking the right people
We will look for the best connections to help one another on mission

4. By brokering & developing the right resources
 We will provide useful and practical resources to enable God's people on mission

5. By keeping the main thing the main thing
We will keep our structures simple and aligned

6. By stimulating a 'New Groups for New People' ethos
We will encourage the growing edges of our movement

7. By covenanting together to Follow Jesus personally and tribally
We will each accept responsibility to follow Jesus

8. By modeling these values in our National Team
We will allow God to build & grow the Great Commission culture through us